Upcoming Music Festivals

Upcoming Music Festivals

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A lot of people enjoy the experience of a concert. But how much better will the experience be if you know that the concert will help thousands of children and adults who need relief in Africa?

Music Aid Africa is a non-profit music events organization based in New York, NY, and we dedicate our efforts to give back to those less fortunate than us while also providing a place where we can come together to enjoy good music.

Give Back

When you donate to our music festivals, that money helps us alleviate the widespread hunger and devastating disease that affects so many people in Africa. We use your donations to provide nutritious food, shelter, and water to those who need it. We also use it to help those in need find the medical care they need, including vaccines and other medication.

Our efforts also focus on providing education to those in poverty that often don’t have the opportunity to go to school, whether because no schools are close by or they don’t have the resources (food, clothing, books) to go. Many children also can’t attend school because of their responsibilities to care for their family. We want to provide the resources to take care of families and allow children to get an education.

Donate Today

Music Aid Africa started in 2007 with a desire to make a difference. And we decided that the best way to do that was through music, a medium that most everyone enjoys. By putting on our non-profit music events, we raise money to help those in Africa as well as provide a unique and fun environment when you can come and relax.

Every donation makes a difference, and we want to make a difference in every person’s life. So donate today to help those less fortunate than us. Then come enjoy one of our music festivals in New York, NY.

Drums used in non profit music events Around New York, NY

We are looking for donations of Music equipment, video games. Books for kids in Africa (and Orphans) to keep them active. We support kids who are gifted and help them to achieve their goals in academics and sports.