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Alleviating Hunger in Africa Through Music

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 Music Aid Africa (MAA) was born and organized through the struggle within Africa. Its mission is to generate funds from concerts, corporate, individual donations, and other events to help alleviate poverty, hunger, diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and diseases caused by infested-water. MAA will also support breast cancer foundations, educational programs for at-risk youth, children with special needs, women's organizations, while being a resource for youth of musical promise. With support, MAA plans to establish a presence in all of the countries of Africa.

MAA was founded in 2007 and is currently administered by a team of distinguished personnel of various background and professional integrity-many of whom have been to Africa and witnessed the condition(suffering and hardship) afflicted on children and women or are just simply interested in being a part of the good work.  The picture below is an example of a malnourished stunt growth child-and at the event page is our volunteers giving books, stationery,and other items to an orphanage with disable children on wheelchair. Please support our effort with your kind donation.


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